Yellow Earth Australia

Medical Sheepskin Underlay - 180cm x 200cm


Australian certified with a stamp of approval from the CSIRO.

This Medical sheepskin underlay will provide well-needed comfort to your loved one. Tanned using advanced processes, this item is fully machine washable at up to 85 degrees Celsius and is Urine Resistant.

Using only the densest Australian sheepskin, with each wool fibre acting like a spring, this natural product will help to prevent Bed Pressure Ulcers.  

Available in various dimensions to suit your needs.

This particular item measures 180cm x 200cm.

Free Express delivery world-wide.

拥有澳大利亚核准并有CSIRO 认证标章。
提供客制化服务,并提供全球免运。此尺寸为180cm X 200cm

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