Yellow Earth was founded in Melbourne in 1991 and quickly became Australia’s most prominent sheepskin brand. Covering the full sheepskin industry supply chain, and as the largest Australian-owned sheepskin manufacturing and distribution company, our operations range from raw skin purchasing, tanning, dyeing and finishing, through to product designand development.

Today, Yellow Earth now has expanded internationally with an additional newly built, state of the art production base which has allowed for Yellow Earth to export it's products much easier and quicker into Asia, US, and the European region.

From the beginning to end of the process, we focus on delivering the very best in quality, comfort and design. We start by choosing the finest Australian Sheepskins, which we tan by hand and then passionately handcraft into premium footwear. Our design process is simple – we are inspired by art and nature and we design for comfort and style.

Yellow Earth sheepskin boots bring together the rugged textures of the Australian landscape with the kind of cutting-edge design that has captured the attention of fashion icons like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, as well as the rest of the world.

This is our journey...



Our premium Australian sheepskins are the highest-grade Double-Faced Sheepskin available, sourced and hand-selected by our highly-experienced team of in-house buyers. Australian Sheepskin is a natural, wool product, making it ideal for use in footwear. It is highly-durable and breathable, and one of the warmest natural fibres in the world..



Once we have carefully selected our high grade sheepskins, we then tan them in our own Yellow Earth Tannery. Our tanning process is very intensive; the sheepskin is tanned, combed, buffed, polished and dyed, and over 15 quality control checks are performed throughout. This means we can ensure absolute premium quality, from the sheep to the finished boot.  We take our environmental responsibilities as seriously as we take our quality control practices, and sustainability is a key focus of each step of our tanning process.



Every pair of Yellow Earth sheepskin boots is hand-crafted with great care and meticulous attention to detail. We use industry leading technology such as Steam Moulding to create superior fitting and boot shape, and our high-grade sheepskin ensures our boots do not “flop down” like many generic sheepskin footwear brands.  Never content to rest on our laurels, our manufacturing processes are constantly evolving as we discover and pioneer innovative techniques to ensure our footwear is the best on the market.



Quality is paramount at Yellow Earth, from the moment we select and tan the sheepskin to the final step in which we affix our label to the products. Every step of the Yellow Earth journey is made with care, attention to detail and a passionate belief in our brand and our products.


Yellow Earth designs sheepskin footwear that is both timeless and on-trend with current high fashion styles. Our in-house design team works tirelessly to develop styles that bring together classic design with unmatched quality and superior comfort.