Responsible Practices: Animal Welfare

Yellow Earth has always been committed in sourcing our materials responsibly. Our aim is to assure our customers that they are buying ethically sourced and cruelty free products by providing clarity about the materials that we use to make our products.

We are especially committed in supporting our local Australian industries, which is why our raw sheepskins are sourced only in Australia from certified suppliers that must adhere to Australia’s strict animal welfare standards. Our difference compared to many other Sheepskin businesses is that we directly buy the raw sheepskin hides ourselves here in Melbourne from local suppliers, which also enables us to control the quality of our products from the very beginning.

We strongly oppose the practice of mulesing, as well as the usage of virgin wool, therefore we only use sheepskins that are by-products of the food industries. This means the sheepskin in our products are absolutely from repurposed wool, obtained from already existing components. Moreover, we believe that working closely with our suppliers can ensure that our customers are getting quality products made from humane and ethically sourced materials. 

We ensure that our suppliers are certified by the “Australian Animal Welfare Certification System” and are complying with the strict standards of the “Industry Animal Welfare Standards”, both of which are regulated by Australian state and federal law, for additional information please click here.

Animal Welfare Logo

Our commitment to environment and sustainability means that we use all the sheepskin hides in one way or another. Working with natural sheepskins, it is unavoidable that we will come across some imperfections in the hides. Our expert team works around these to minimize wastage and our offcuts are often donated to local animal shelters.

Our customers can also be assured that our cow hides are also ethically sourced, we work with our suppliers to ensure that our materials are from existing sources, such as being by-products of the food industry. We only partner with suppliers that abide by strict environmental regulations and are not involve in illegal acts, such as deforestation.

As we move into the future, we hope to incorporate new technology and processes that will help to minimise our environmental impact and most importantly ensure that a high standard of animal welfare is preserved.

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